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We are truly blessed with three lovely grown children: Alex, Rachel, & Sonia. (Our oldest son, Dennis, left this life July 22, 2012). And 10 spectacular grandchildren: Aidan, Leiham, Simone, Helena, Ruby, Charlotte, Kana, Tara, Kiyomi, and Miyuki!

In 2005, we purchased the 6.5 acre farm. Most of the land was pastureland for horses, the remainder in lawns. The original 210 year old farm included more than 150 acres. Sandstone from the original bank barn was used to build the 2-story studio apartment, garage and farm store. The barn was built about 30 years ago.

The first section of vegetable gardens were created in 2006. Goats, chickens, cats and a donkey were added. In 2008, the first vegetables were grown and sold to local customers. Frush Farm Store officially opened in the spring of 2009, offering our customers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, jams, canned goods, and brown eggs from happy, free-ranging chickens.

Frush Farm Bed & Breakfast opened November 16, 2015. It features 3 rooms in the farmhouse, a first floor suite and an 1,100 sq. ft. studio apartment! We offer those who stay here a truly "down to earth" experience, encouraging our visitors to disconnect and immerse in the outdoor environment!

A wide variety of flowering plants, many which are native species to Pennsylvania, can be found throughout the property: Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Butterfly Weed, Blood Root, Joe Pye Weed, Sunchokes, Milkweed, to name a few. Flowers are mingled in with herbs and other edible plants. Pollinating birds, bees, butterflies, and other insects come to the delights of the many flowering species. Praying Mantis and lady bugs help to control the populations of damaging insects.

Our goal is to create an eco-friendly environment that provides a fragile balance between production of healthy, safe foods for human consumption and a place for living organism to thrive free of adverse impact. This includes fresh air, fresh water, clean living conditions, and naturally grown foods for our animals and us.

We strive to reduce our dependence on utilities and our imprint on the environment:

  • A wood stove heats the 1st floor.

  • A solar electric fence keeps the animals "in".

  • A well & hand pump near the barn supplies fresh water for the animals and humans!

  • A gas, non-digital, battery operated cook stove is used for cooking in the Farm House kitchen.

  • We recycle almost everything!

  • We even hang our clothes "out" to dry!

  • When the electric power goes "out", we can continue to remain in our house, with heat, water, and cooking opportunities available, not only for us, but for our animals.

We hope you come for a visit and enjoy the rich beauty and flavors of Frush Farm! Once you have tasted the fresh, naturally grown vegetables and fruits, there is no turning back!!! And once you have spent a few days with us, you will want more!!!


The Farmhouse

The Apartment & Farm View

The Barn


Simone, Nancy, Kana, & Kiyomi

The Creek

1301 Fritztown Road

Reinholds, PA 17569


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