Farm Tours

Farm Tours for All Ages!!

Many people, both young and old, never have an opportunity to experience a farming environment. And most people only know what they see on TV, in the movies, or at the zoo!

Did you know that donkeys are very smart? In the Disney movie, Pinocchio, you would believe otherwise. We have one donkey on our farm. Sadie was born to a wild herd in the West. She is so sweet! Her baby, pictured here, grew up and is living on a farm in Northern PA.

In the media, goats are given a "bad rap". They are pictured eating paper, tin cans, and just about anything else. But they don't eat these things. In fact, they are very particular about what they will eat. And over 100 plants are poisonous to goats!! They DO love to eat poison ivy and pine branches! We have a small herd of goats which give birth every Spring to sets of twins! And are they adorable!

As for chickens, there are many kinds, shapes and sizes, every breed with different "personalities". About 30 Buff Orpingtons and Australops live on the farm. Orpingtons come from Britian. Australops, from Australian. These chickens are calm, brood (sit) on the nest, are great mothers and make wonderful pets. We also had a pet chicken by the name of Eloise. She was a Bard Rock and loved to be petted!!! She passed away at 8 years old in 2018. She was truly huggable!

And we have five cats! Our house cat's name is Mickie Mouse. Four of our cats live in the barn and keep the barn free of mice and rats. They are VERY tame - Aramel, Allison, Jasper, and Harry. Peaches, passed away in January 2018. Peaches always loved to greet people when they came for a visit! He will be missed.

Frush Farm tours are designed to meet the needs of the group. Tours can include:

    • Meeting and feeding the animals

    • Collecting the eggs

    • Milking a goat

    • Educational talks about the animals

    • Educational talks about cheese-making

    • Educational talks about the flower gardens

    • Educational talks about raising healthy, naturally grown vegetables

    • Tractor wagon rides

    • A campfire talk in the evening

    • A healthy picnic lunch

Group sizes are limited to 12 people. Permission slips must be obtained from parents for children under the age of 18 who are still living at home. For more information about tours, please contact us at or call Nancy at 717-627-3397.

Come to Frush Farm and enjoy the wonders that nature provides to all of us!!! We welcome you!!!!

Sadie and Penny Candy

Nancy in the garden

Kiyomi with a baby goat

Nancy with baby goats

Eloise the chicken

Ruby with a peep

Leiham and Peaches the Cat

Richard giving Charlotte a tractor ride

Helena with a peep

Our chickens with Kiyomi!